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Personal, organizational and digital wellbeing


March 22, 2018 – Time: 5.00 pm – Mercure Hotel, Via Pietro Orseolo, 1, 20144 Milan MI

For over 15 years Eu-tròpia deals with the promotion of organizational wellbeing as a lever for companies’ strategic success. We base our work on studies which show that well-being develops greater levels of creativity and innovation, it increases adaptive and management skills, and eventually improves internal relationships generating significant and positive impacts on performance.

We will present our point of view and our approach to the issue of positive correlation between well-being, engagement and performance and how to grow well-being in organizations, with particular attention to digital well-being.

The meeting is free, but we have a limited number of seats, so we kindly ask you to register by March 19th, by replying to this email or by contacting eu-tropia@eu-tropia.it. You will receive a confirmation of registration.

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