Alberto Zamboni

He has decades of experience as an airline captain, responsible for training pilots as a Flight & Simulator Instructor, as well as an ENAC-certified Examiner. He was Head of Training for crews and front-line staff on Human Factors and Crew Resource Management, and later Director of Flight Operations for an Italian airline, participating in ENAC’s CRM/Human Factors Focus Group to standardize CRM training and designing the selection process of new pilots, with focus on assessing their soft skills. Member of the Board of Directors of SIMMED (Italian Society of Medical Simulation), he has been collaborating since 2010 with hospitals, as well as scientific and academic institutions, to train and conduct research on non-technical skills in the medical field, participating as an instructor in training courses, seminars, technical committees and as a speaker at scientific conferences. With his background in high-risk environments, he brings to Eu-tròpia’s Clients real-life lessons on developing robust teamwork, efficient critical decision-making, and a safety mindset, to optimize performance while fostering well-being and safety.

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