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The team is composed of consultants from international companies, university professors and former business managers, so our consultancy skills are transversal to all different needs of managerial and organizational intervention. Our main asset derives from competence, passion, strong ethical values, curiosity and the pleasure of working together. We are an interdisciplinary team who values different cultural, gender and age backgrounds.

Rosanna Gallo


She is the managing director of Eu-tròpia, formerly associate of Towers Watson and senior consultant in Hay Management. She is a psychologist, specialized in work and organization and in well-being in the workplace and professor of promoting organizational well-being at University of Parma.

Since 2015 she has taught leadership at the SUPSI University of Applied Sciences, formerly a lecturer at the University of Parma and at the Catholic University of Milan. She intervenes in the development processes of people, supporting the Human Resources area, from the HR strategy to the implementation of skills and values models, performance management, evaluation processes (she is international assessor) and development (development center) and leadership paths. She performs cultural analysis, engagement, well-being and change management interventions.

Gianni Vivi


He studied engineering at the University of Pavia and subsequently obtained a specialization in psycho-sociology of organizations. He deals with projects mainly aimed at managers and sales networks.

He first worked in a national company and subsequently worked with several international consulting firms, eventually becoming director with the responsibility for driving teams and business lines. He has worked for companies of different sectors.

Luca Berni

Senior Consultant,
Former manager

In 2017 he co- founded The Neuroscience Coaching School (The NCS ) of which he is also a trainer. From 2013 to 2016 he was a trainer at The Canadian school of Coaching Erickson International and he was responsible for didactics in Italy.

He collaborated with several Italian and foreign multinationals, dealing with national as well as international contracts . He developed from commercial technician, up to sales and marketing director of an American multinational in Italy. In 2008, he left the position of manager and board member, to devote himself to the freelance profession: first consultant and then trainer. He deals in particular with sales and marketing B2B and communication.

Raffaella Medri

Senior Consultant

Graduated in Psychology – with a focus on life cycle, guidance and work, she also attended university courses for guidance workers, counseling and business coaching psychology. She is a certified business coaching psychologist.

She carries out orientation and skill assessment interviews, educational and vocational guidance activities and also career coaching. Consultant for the development of Human Resources since 2011, she often intervenes for assessment center, development center, interventions on organizational wellbeing; she participated in organizational consultancies for important multinational companies in Italy and abroad, realizing focus group and surveys of organizational climate, team coaching and team building. She is a consultant for companies in the field of communication, she conducts and plans training sessions on organizational wellbeing, change management, leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict management, employee management, feedback and creativity. She has carried out personnel selection and research activities.

Jessica Gandolfo


Psychologist, specialized in work and organizations, she is junior consultant in the Human Resources area at Eu-tròpia. Specialized in the sensitization of group dynamics and certified as OMT trainer at IEN Business School.

She completed a master in outdoor management training and experiential training, by Marco Rotondi. She participated in organizational consultancies for important multinational companies, realizing focus groups and organizational climate surveys, development paths for young talents, team coaching, team building and coaching activities in assessment and development center. She also conducted and co-planned training interventions on organizational wellbeing, effective communication, change management, leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict management, collaborator management, feedback and creativity. She confidently manages direct use of different questionnaires and psychological reactants, exercises, simulations, role-playing, group tests, in-basket and individual interviews.

Antonella Pane

Senior Consultant

Since 1999, as a freelance professional, she has been a consultant for selection, training and development. She is an executive and corporate coach, PCC with ICF and she was also head of The Lazio Coaching Club of AICP (Italian Association of Professional Coaches).

Work sociologist and psycho-socialist, after working in the personnel management of the company "Aeroporti di Roma", she was for ten years in the company "Bulgari spa", with the role of head of Human Resources development. With the support of some collaborators, she managed the selection and insertion process of new staff in Italy. Furthermore, she coordinated and implemented international training and development projects aimed at changing and integrating corporate culture; she initiated and coordinated "worldwide" projects of "climate analysis" and "360 ° assessment". She is a witness and lecturer in different Masters in Human Resources management, she was in multiple occasion councilor of the AIF (Italian Training Association) of Lazio, she is currently a member of ASUS (Academy of Human and Social Sciences) and a member of ISCP (Society for Coaching Psychology). She obtained the following three-year specialization in organizational sciences at S3 Studium, in psychosocioanalysis at Ariele and in psychosynthesis, at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in Rome.

Davide Motta

Senior Consultant

Psychologist and psychotherapist, he specialized in conducting, managing and analyzing group dynamics with active methods of systemic relational scope. He is a consultant in Italy and abroad. He is a member of I.P.T.N. (International Playback Theater Network). He obtained the title of leadership issued by C.P.T. in England.

He is a trainer at the Italian School of Playback Theater, recognized by the C.P.T. (Center for Playback Theater) in New York, and at the Center for Psychodrama Studies in Milan, associated with F.E.P.T.O. (Federation of European Psychodrama Training). In both schools he teaches trainers and group leaders. As a consultant in organizations, he offers interventions on leadership, training, team building, team coaching, conflict management, analysis and management of group dynamics.

Bruna Nava

Senior Consultant

For some years she has been studying neuroscience applied to organizations and leadership. She is a psychologist, specialized in psychology of work and organizations, graduated in the Department of Nervous System Sciences at the University of Pavia.

She enrolled in AICO and has an advanced master in Systemic NLP . She is a counselor certified by PEI, emotional skill and competencies and specialized in business management at ISTUD. She is a lecturer in matter in career counseling and work wellness - Faculty of Psychology at the Catholic University. For 20 years she has been involved in training, development, career coaching and evaluation with a strong focus on creating innovative projects capable of intertwining business results and well-being.

Paolo Lanciani

Senior Consultant

He is a psychologist, a psychotherapist trained in active Morenian methods applied to organizations and socio-health systems. He is a trainer in playback theater and active methods at the Italian school of Playback Theater. As work and organizational psychologist, he is a trainer, coach, assessor and consultant.

His areas of expertise are relational skills such as leadership and team building, group dynamics and conflict management, time and stress management, presentation skills and public speaking. He was a trainer in psychodrama and sociodrama at the Center for Psychodrama Studies in Milan, accredited by the FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations), for trainers and group leaders. He has conducted seminars on group management with active methods in community psychology courses at the Catholic University of Milan and Brescia.

Elena Elpidi

Back office manager

Back Office Manager, she works in Eu-tròpia since 2012 and deals with the operational management of the office, accounting and data management and relationships with suppliers.

She manages the ISO 9001 Quality system. She is responsible for verifying both areas of improvement and those of critical issues and ensuring the application of Company processes and procedures. She also monitors and supports the team to guarantee quality of service, respect for Company procedures and optimal interpersonal relationships. She often participates in continuous innovation projects concerning customer management. She performs customer service and data analysis.

Chiara Da Ros


Psychologist and psychotherapist, she graduated from the Catholic University of Milan and then she specialized in the person-centered approach by C. Rogers, with a certification for the EMDR technique. She also holds a master in psychology of career counseling and counseling at the Catholic University of Milan and deals with guidance, training and career counseling.

She has experience and interest in the field of psychotherapy and psychological support for the achievement of personal and relational well-being of adolescents and adults, as well as for the development of experiences related to work insertion, work stress and critical life cycle events (illness, losses, traumatic events). She is a coordinator and supervisor of psycho-pedagogical and socio-health teams. She has a specialization in the field of entrepreneurship guidance for the creation and definition of a business idea. She is lecturer in matter of dynamic psychology of training at the Catholic University of Brescia.

Sarah Noemi Bonomi

Junior Consultant

She is a well-being specialist, graduated in Psychology with a specialization in wellness, empowerment, rehabilitation and positive technologies; she concluded the basic course with A.I.C.M. level 1 of the Erikson Motivational Colloquium (Rome), blogger in the column of Psychology for the online journal

Her training is based on the principles of positive psychology and positive technology at the Catholic University of Milan; she has several experiences in the field of virtual reality as a tool for promoting psychological well-being in the organizational field. She participated in the Radio Reporter radio show. She teaches at the University of Third Age for the AUSER Association as a well- being psychologist.
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