Design the changes
to make dreams come true


In the current context of rapid change and disruption, organizations and people depend on each other. For the organization to be highly competitive and give the best of itself, people need to be involved in the organizational dream. Eu-tròpia supports organizations and their people along this challenge, guiding managers and leaders through the process of change, allowing them to face it with awareness, responsibility and proper skills.

Make diagnosis
before intervening


Observing and measuring people, groups or organizations at the beginning of each project is vital to optimize its impact and lead to a positive change. For this purpose, Eu-tròpia uses multiple tools, including tests and questionnaires, structured observations, interviews, surveys, individual and group evaluations, supported by qualified and experienced consultants.

to grow


Eu-tròpia supports organizations to accelerate their people’s development. From individual potential assessment to group sessions, we foster self-awareness and help participants build a growth-mindset, both as individuals and as a team.

Powerful questions
to broaden the perspective


Eu-tròpia offers highly personalized coaching plans for individuals and groups, based on self-development through a method that leads to personal and professional growth. Self-awareness and self-learning are the primary tools for this process, whether it is for an individual or for a team, with an attention to supporting growth in one’s direct reports.

Continuous learning
of new sciences and relationships


Frequent changes, typical of the complexity we live in, require organizations to have a strong attitude for continuous learning. Starting from the skills required by the present and future labor market, as well as the need to improve cognitive, emotional, and relational awareness, Eu-tròpia delivers several continuous learning courses. Eu-tròpia Academy is easily accessible and constantly updated in various HR topics. It facilitates training in practical learning contexts, sharing knowledge, values, behaviors, and strategies for people cohesion and growth within the Company.

Promote happiness
for great performances


Well-being and performance can be fulfilled only through a holistic approach that integrates personal and professional dimensions, maintaining a deep connection between physiological, psychological, and relational aspects. Eu-tròpia’s consultants and partners combine their multi-faceted experience and qualifications to help Companies develop plans that foster collective well-being and create value both for the individual and the organization.

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