Eu-tròpia Benefit Corporation is a consulting firm in Human Resources. Founded in January 2001, it has built a solid network of international partnerships, recruiting professionals with key certifications in different areas of expertise, like leadership, coaching and psychological testing.

Our cross-disciplinary team includes Consultants from different countries, University Professors and former Executives to address the broadest range of managerial and organizational development needs.

We find strength in our diversity of background, culture, experience, gender, and age. By combining our qualifications with passion, strong ethical values, curiosity, and enthusiasm in working together, we provide our Clients with highly customized services to help them pursue their vision. 

Rosanna Gallo

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO in Eu-tròpia since 2001, formerly Associate in Towers Watson and Senior Consultant in Hay Management, she is a Work and Organizational Psychologist specialized in wellbeing in the workplace, as well as a university Professor. She has taught Leadership at the SUPSI University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland for five years and was formerly a professor at University of Parma and Catholic University, respectively for five and ten years. She supports professional and organizational development by partnering with Human Resources, from the HR strategy to the implementation of competency models and company values, performance management, assessment and development centers as an international assessor, and leadership programs. She applies her knowledge and experience to help Leadership Teams pursue effectiveness and efficiency both at individual (Executive Coaching) and at team level (Teambuilding, Team working, Team coaching). She conducts change management interventions and cultural surveys to assess engagement and wellbeing in the organization.  

Gianni Vivi


He graduated in Engineering at University of Pavia and specialized in Psycho-Sociology of Organizations. With a strong professional background in a broad range of businesses, he worked with several international consulting firms, mainly interfacing with executives, managers and sales teams. As a Director in consulting firms, he held the responsibility for entire business lines and their related teams.

Paolo Capretti

Senior Consultant

He graduated in Training and Development and spent 14 years in the US, completing a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling and working in an American university as a Career Counselor, Associate Director, and finally Director of their Career Center. He designed and delivered a broad range of services to Clients of all ages, from career counseling to assistance in their job search process, also collaborating with the university as an Adjunct Instructor. His consulting activity with Eu-tròpia, and formerly with Watson Wyatt, includes career coaching for executives and middle management, training programs, assessment/development centers, competency management systems, in-depth interviews and focus groups on organizational wellbeing, reporting, and quality assurance. He is a National Certified Counselor, Global Career Development Facilitator, and certified in using the Strong Interest Inventor®, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and the Happy Coaching® method.

Alberto Zamboni

Senior Consultant

He has decades of experience as an airline captain, responsible for training pilots as a Flight & Simulator Instructor, as well as an ENAC-certified Examiner. He was Head of Training for crews and front-line staff on Human Factors and Crew Resource Management, and later Director of Flight Operations for an Italian airline, participating in ENAC’s CRM/Human Factors Focus Group to standardize CRM training and designing the selection process of new pilots, with focus on assessing their soft skills. Member of the Board of Directors of SIMMED (Italian Society of Medical Simulation), he has been collaborating since 2010 with hospitals, as well as scientific and academic institutions, to train and conduct research on non-technical skills in the medical field, participating as an instructor in training courses, seminars, technical committees and as a speaker at scientific conferences. With his background in high-risk environments, he brings to Eu-tròpia’s Clients real-life lessons on developing robust teamwork, efficient critical decision-making, and a safety mindset, to optimize performance while fostering well-being and safety.

Elena Elpidi

Back Office Manager

In Eu-tròpia since 2012, she manages the daily administrative operations in the office, including accounting, relationships with suppliers, and the ISO 9001 Quality System, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring the proper implementation of guidelines and procedures. With her experience in customer service and data analysis, she supports Eu-tròpia’s CEO and Consultants while contributing to innovation in client management processes.

Chiara Da Ros


Psychologist and psychotherapist, she graduated from Catholic University and then specialized in Carl Rogers’ person-centered approach, adding a certification in the EMDR technique. Formerly a Lecturer in Training Psychology at Catholic University, then Coordinator and Supervisor of psycho-educational teams, she supports personal and relational well-being in teenagers and adults, also in connection with critical life-cycle events like illnesses, losses, and traumas. Holding a Master’s degree in Career Counseling Psychology from Catholic University and a specialization in Entrepreneurship Guidance, she also helps Clients define their career choices, including developing their business ideas, and process work-related issues.

Barbara Chignoli


Psychologist and Psychotherapist, she graduated in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology from Milano-Bicocca University. She specialized in Integrated Brief Psychotherapy at Iserdip (Institute for the study and research of mental disorders). She has been practicing mindfulness on a daily basis for the last 16 years,  further deepening her mindfulness expertise at the Italian Centre of Mindfulness Studies in Rome and becoming a Mindfulness teacher. She completed both training levels for the EMDR practice (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). In 2021, following the completion of a specific training course, she became a Pnei (Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology) Practitioner; she is also certified in using the Happy Coaching® method. Her professional experience includes a ten-year collaboration with a Family Counseling Center (individual, couple and family clinical interviews and psychotherapy, group guidance on specific problems, emotional and sexual education in the educational scholar context). She collaborated with a Ser.t in Monza and worked as CTP and assistant of a CTU of the Court of Como. She works as a freelance counselor for teen-agers and adults. Since 2014 she has been working as a consultant at the Pini-CTO Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation department in Milan, where she deals with the psychological assessment of post-acute and chronic cardiopathic patients, lifestyle analysis and change support, in order to reduce and remove behavioral and psychosocial risk factors (smoking, psychoactive and illegal substances addiction, distress, dysfunctional management of emotions, hyperphagia, sedentariness, etc.). Since 2001 she has been collaborating with Sport Club H20 as a fitness instructor and as a communication trainer for other instructors.

Jessica Gandolfo

Senior Consultant

She is a Psychologist specialized in Work and Organizations, as well as a Coach (ACSTH® Erickson International) and a Human Resources Consultant. She supports professional and organizational development with a variety of tools, from Focus Groups and Organizational Climate surveys to Talent Tracks, Team Coaching, and Teambuilding, in addition to Assessment and Development Centers. Her training programs include Organizational Wellbeing, Effective Communication, Change Management, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Employee Management, Feedback and Creativity. Focused on group dynamics in teambuilding activities, she applies Lewin’s Training Group method as well as Enzo Spaltro’s from the University of People. She is certified as an OMT trainer (Master in Outdoor Management Training and Experiential Training) by Marco Rotondi at IEN Business School. She is also certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader and in the Happy Coaching® method.

Sarah Noemi Bonomi

Junior Consultant

She is a Well-being Psychologist, specialized in Wellness, Empowerment, and Positive Technologies, teaching Positive Psychology at the Auser University for the Third Age, and conducting mental coaching sessions for tennis players through FIT and ITF Coaching. Certified in Erikson’s Motivational Interviewing and in the Happy Coaching® method, she designs and delivers trainings and focus groups on well-being, positive psychology, brain-gym, cognitive-emotional empowerment, and soft skills, as well as assessment and development centers. She also a Founder and Event Coordinator at Nodi Parlati (Association for Social Advancement) and published on scientific topics for MilanoReporter.it, TennisFever.it, and Nodiparlati.it.

Francesca Maggioni

Senior Consultant

After graduating in Psychology at the Università Cattolica di Milano, she has collaborated with Eu-tròpia on training, assessment and development center projects. Through a UE funded full scholarship, she attended a Master in Career Counseling and Professional Orientation. In 2003 she started her professional career within organizations, holding HR Director and Managerial roles in multinational companies and entrepreneurial businesses, within several sectors such as Pharma (Teva Pharmaceuticals), Mechanical Manufacturing (Dover Group US), Electrical Manufacturing (Gewiss), Oil & Gas (BP British Petroleum), Retail (Dixons UK and Unieuro), Telecommunications (Alcatel Nokia). In her role as HR Business Partner she supported company Executives and Leadership Teams dealing with people and culture, working and gaining expertise on leadership, learning & development, performance management, talent management, diversity, coaching and organizational wellbeing. She also directed extraordinary and reorganization projects. From 2007 to 2010 she moved to the United Kingdom, holding managerial roles within multinational companies and taking part in global projects that let her develop strong awareness on multicultural subjects, diversity, and inclusion.

Nancy Cooklin

Senior Consultant

She helps people and organizations reach their full potential. As a trainer and a coach in several companies, she teaches in universities (SDA Bocconi, MIP, University of Milano-Bicocca), and she has been a mentor in organizations like PWN (Professional Women Network), Genext (Dell’s Millennial Program), R-Ladies Milan and San Francisco. She covered the role of Business Administrator and Head Hunting Coach in Lima (Peru) and Marketing and Sales Customer Experience Mexico and San Francisco. Nancy is a NLP Coach and Trainer certified by the Society of NLP (Bandler, Grinder, Robbing, Dilt – Milan and US); she’s also certified in Systemic Pluralistic Counseling. She won the 2016 Standout Woman Award and is fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish.

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